Self-made Millionaires And You

– Self-made Millionaires And You – You always hear this term “self-made” millionaires or/and billionaires, right? Two things have to be said here. But let me ask you first: What do you think, how many millionaires are self-made? And how should you relate to them? Answer to 1.: 88% are self-made. ( Extra info: 1% […]

Why Discipline Is The Key To Success

– Why Discipline Is Key To Success – First we need to make sure that we have the same understanding. In this context, by discipline I mean: The ability to control your emotions, or in other words, to do something even though you don’t feel like it. And by success: Achieving a goal or executing […]

Why You Should Play Chess

– Why You Should Learn Chess – Chess is not only a very fun, challenging and competitive game but also a good brain exercise which can be related to life and business in various aspects. Few examples: Always have a plan, it may be a bad one, it may change, but at least have one! […]

Boost Your Mindpower

– Boost Your Mindpower – As we all know the human mind behaves like a monkey on speed, jumping from tree to another tree. The modern world with all the purposely implemented distractions (social media etc.) doesn’t make it better. Meditation is just the perfect antidote.Benefits:You should meditate pretty much for the same reasons that […]

The Ultimate Cheat Code

– The Ultimate Cheat Code – Benefits 1/2:Having a regular and proper exercise routine (together with enough rest/sleep) is an absolute cheat code. Besides getting: stronger, fitter, healthier, more energized, Benefits 2/2: more resilient, better sleep, a higher libido, more appealing visual appearance and much much more… …it is the easiest way to get disciplined, […]

Recharge Your Energy Levels


– Recharge Your Energy Levels -Let’s listen to a sleep expert first: What can and should you do? The following: Be consistent! Sleep and wake up at the same time.   Don’t eat before bedtime.   Optimal room temperature is 18 C°/65 F.   Be active during the day: Exercise!   Ban electric devices from […]

How To Stay Poor And Miserable

– How To Stay Poor And Miserable – It’s not only important to know what leads to success but also what leads to failure. Also, there seem to be people who actually like to be miserable and loathe successful people! Live by the following 10 pieces of advice to make sure you’ll never become one […]

How You Will Win

– How You Will Win – Step 1 – Define your goals:Think deeply…then WRITE DOWN what you really want. What are your goals? Define them SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound You can also do this in reverse: What do you really really want to avoid? Step 2 – Sacrifice and discipline:If your goals are […]

The Perfect Diet

– The Perfect Diet – The perfect diet is: Vegan diet? Ketogenic diet? Carnivore diet? Solution: Probably none of them, because: The human metabolism is a highly complex thing and all the scientific dietary data/advice is basically based on questionnaires. We are omnivores, which means highly adaptable and able to survive extreme diets. Every person […]