- Why You Should Learn Chess -
Chess is not only a very fun, challenging and competitive game but also a good brain exercise which can be related to life and business in various aspects. Few examples:
  • Always have a plan, it may be a bad one, it may change, but at least have one!

  • Sometimes sacrifices can lead to an instant win.
  • Big improvements come from tiny and consistent improvements in each area of the game: opening, middlegame, endgame, tactics, strategy.

  • Amateurs think: “I like this move; it has to be good!” while the masters thought is: “I prefer this move…why is it not good? Is there a better one?”
  • Life & Chess
    The main point is: Most people play life like chess.

    Even most club players! They reach a certain skill level and stay there for the rest of their life without any serious training and will to improve.
    So...I'll see you there: www.chess.com
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