- Why Discipline Is Key To Success -
First we need to make sure that we have the same understanding. In this context, by discipline I mean:

The ability to control your emotions, or in other words, to do something even though you don't feel like it.

And by success:

Achieving a goal or executing a plan as planned, or even surpassing what you planned to do.
Let's take a fundamental look at this. What do you need to achieve a goal? If we break it down to the absolute basics, that's what you need:
  1. The ability to achieve the specific goal.

  2. Doing what needs to be done to (over)achieve it.
While point 1. is actually a no brainer, as it only requires a little realistic thinking, with point 2. discipline is the key.
So, again...why discipline? Think about it. What exactly prevents you from relentlessly doing what has to be done? Probably:
  • you feel tired,

  • watching Netflix i.e. immediate rewards/good feelings are more fun,

  • it feels tedious,

  • you starting to doubt if you're really able to achieve it,
  • you feel X,

  • you feel Y,

  • you feel Z.

Feelings, feelings, feelings... that stop you to achieve the things you actually want.

How to deal with it? Still do what has to be done! That's discipline!
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