- The Ultimate Cheat Code -
Benefits 1/2:
Having a regular and proper exercise routine (together with enough rest/sleep) is an absolute cheat code. Besides getting:
  • stronger,
  • fitter,
  • healthier,
  • more energized,
  • Benefits 2/2:
  • more resilient,
  • better sleep,
  • a higher libido,
  • more appealing visual appearance
  • and much much more...

  • ...it is the easiest way to get disciplined, which is one of the key factors to all kinds of success!
    Why is it the easiest way to get disciplined?
    1. It is purely physical and simple: A repetitive movement for X minutes and done.

    2. Quite often you won’t feel like doing it, which is be perfect, if you still do it: That’s exactly where discipline is born!
    Go for a checkup at your doctor first.

    Then, which exercise to choose and how to do it depends totally on you and your current fitness and health level. You'll find many plans/tutorials in Google, YoutTube etc.
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