- How To Stay Poor And Miserable -
It's not only important to know what leads to success but also what leads to failure. Also, there seem to be people who actually like to be miserable and loathe successful people!

Live by the following 10 pieces of advice to make sure you'll never become one of those evil, rich, arrogant elitist people! Stay a proud member of the 99%!
  1. Convince yourself strongly that money is evil and/or doesn't make you happy.
  1. Make sure to avoid any kind of discomfort!
  1. Listen to poor people for advice, they are smart, nice, humble and happy!
  1. Never listen to rich people, they are mean, megalomaniac and unhappy!
  1. You tried to do something productive once, maybe even twice and it didn't work? NEVER DO IT AGAIN!
  1. At least wait for the perfect moment and the perfect conditions before you finally consider taking action.
  1. Also a classic: Start taking action tomorrow, not now.
  1. The best: Be so afraid of failure so that you don't even start any action for improvement.
  1. Do what everybody else is doing.
  1. Always think you know it better than everybody else, especially better than the evil rich and succesfull people.
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