How does the AI-powered coaching work?

1. AI-Powered Initial Assessment:
First of all, you claim your 1-week-free-trial, where you just need to answer few questions and deliver an email (no credit card info needed).

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2. Personalized Guidance
Based on your initial assessment, our AI coach, Master B, will provide you with personalized feedback and a plan (tasks, challenges, etc.) for the next week to achieve your goals.
3. Journaling As Feedback
During this week, you journal you thoughts, insights, struggles etc. directly in your user account.

This will then be the input for the feedback and further planning for the next week.
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What else is here for you?

1. Fundamentals
Free short summaries of the very basics for holistic improvement and success.

( Free )
Unlock your full potential with our AI-powered coaching feature. As a member of Team ELITARION, you'll have access to a personalized coaching experience powered by advanced AI technology.
Become part of a highly driven and ambitious community. A community full of mutual support, accountability and respect, if deserved.
Get access to a compressed knowledge base about a growth-oriented mindset, wealth, health and relationships.

($49.90/month $22.25/month)
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Why you should join Team ELITARION:

You should join if you:
are looking for other people with a growth mindset!
You should join if you:
have a fire inside of you, a drive for more.
You should join if you:
seek for connection with like-minded highly driven people and potential business partners.
You should join if you:
are ok by leaving your comfort zone.
You should join if you:
can fathom why you should become a good friend of discipline, failure and discomfort.
You should join if you:
can take responsibility and full ownership.
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Absolute Minimal Goals
Every member shall at the very least:
0. Develop an unbreakable mindset and an unstoppable discipline, which is the basis for:
1. Get fit and healthy, meaning, at the very very VERY least:
  • eat healthy,
  • maintain < 20% body fat,
  • run 5k < 30 minutes,
  • meditate 30 minutes a day.
  • 2. Create a business/side hustle, that makes min. $5'000/mo as a first step into financial freedom.
    3. Have the knowledge, courage and skills to get the desired love and social life.
    Let's go!
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    Why $999 every 15 months?

    The point here is to fully commit to your goals and your improvement, so something has to be at stake!

    You still have the chance to get your money back...even more than this. If you qualify as an affiliate partner, then you maybe don't even need to look for an own business idea.
    affiliate program
    $999 represents the ambition, commitment and sacrifice to leave the 99.9%.
    $999 every 15 months is about $2.22 per day.

    This is how goals are reached:
    You set a clear goal with a strong decision ($999) and achieve it through consistent daily small steps ($2.22)!
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    Who am I?

    You probably focus too much on other people anyway, instead of focusing on yourself and your actions.

    I could be whatever and whoever...it doesn't matter right now.
    More interesting questions:
    • Who have you been?
    • Who are you now?
    • Who do you want to become? When?
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